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Employment Contracts and Hiring

Recruitment and Selection

We provide recruitment and selection services that consider your budget, your workplace culture and your organisational plan.   Our services encompass the entire placement life cycle from sourcing, to interviewing and placement. 


We draft and implement position descriptions that are tailored to your business.     Whilst outlining technical and task driven activities, we also focus on the desired behaviours and competencies required to perform the position. 


We conduct interviews at all levels of business.  We provide opinions on top candidates based on the agreed set of criteria. 

We also coach and assist managers in the art of interviewing and hiring right the first time. 

advertising and posting

We use a variety of avenues to advertise jobs that attract high quality candidates to your business.  Some of the mediums used include:

  • Job Placement sites (e.g. indeed, seek)

  • Social Media sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Traditional print

  • Professional firms.

  • Referrals.

In my experience of retained searches, HR often play more of a back seat role but with Alicia, you see quite the opposite as she will want to drive the process and ensure that only the best shortlisted candidates get through to the hiring managers. It’s been a pleasure helping her deliver on several high end retained searches.

Why not start a discussion with Alicia about your needs and to see how we can assist you.