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The value we bring to our clients

At Hendy HR Consulting we focus on providing value to our clients through human resources services that integrate with the business.  We work with boards, management teams, human resources executives and employees to ensure that HR is understood, implemented and compliant with workforce legislation.


We believe in being engaged at the 'coal face' of the business where the heart of employment takes place.  Our solutions are based on our own practical and operational experience over 20 years in the human resources industry. 


We believe in having a name and face not a subscription service that doesn't understand the nuances and workplace culture in a business.


We believe that our fees should deliver real value for money with the ultimate aim of having happy and satisfied clients that recommend our services. 


We believe in long term relationships and the creation of true partnerships in business.   

Alicia is a proven Human Resource Executive. She has the ability to merge strategic direction and vision with day to day pragmatic tactical execution
— Doug Barre, Founder and Partner | GEEKSFORLESS

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