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Minimum Pay and Modern Awards

Minimum Pay and Modern Awards

The Modern Award system can be complex to navigate and we help clients ensure they are paying their employees under the correct Modern Award, or, if you are just starting out, we will set you up from scratch. You don’t want to get this one wrong as the consequences are large back payments of underpaid wages.


So many of our clients like to pay their employees under a flat hourly rate arrangement. We ensure that you can do this and that you meet the Better Off Overall Test (B.O.O.T.) so that you comply with paying the Modern Award minimums. The B.O.O.T rolls up all the little extra’s you are supposed to pay your employees listed below:

  • Allowances - there is a long long list ……

  • Overtime and Penalty Rates

  • Annual Leave Loading


How do you drive a top performance culture where employee are keen to exceed the status quo? Have you thought about incentives such as the following:

  • Production Bonus Plans - to inspire and motivate your employees in manufacturing to do more and get rewarded.

  • Commission Plans - for your sales organisation to move beyond transactional sales to seeking out new business, pushing nominated products and growing your business.

  • Bonus Plans - to incentify your employees to achieve results, implement key projects and go beyond the call of duty.


If you need to attract and retain top end employees, we can help you design a compensation package that will sweep your potential employees off their feet!

Flexible benefits that are meaningful to the employee may include bonus and commission plans, car allowances, housing allowances, fuel and additional superannuation contributions.

All are advised through our experts listed on our page Who We Work With and will give you an understanding of compliance as it relates to taxation on such salary packages.

Remember if you are in remote New South Wales, there are some great benefits such as no fringe benefits taxation on some allowances.


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