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Drug and Alcohol Collection

Drug and Alcohol Collection

We provide drug and alcohol collection services for Australian businesses.   Employers are required to be accountable in providing a safe work environment that is free from drugs and alcohol and therefore it’s imperative that a robust management system is developed and implemented. 


All samples are collected in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4760:2006 and AS/NZS 4308:2008. We encourage testing of employees in the following situations:

  • Post incident.
  • Random.
  • Upon just cause.
  • Monitoring and return to work.

We are proactively involved in the preparation for workplace drug and alcohol testing and provide the following assistance to our clients:

  • The development and implementation of policies and procedures related to drugs and alcohol in the workplace including code of conduct and drug testing processes.
  • Workplace drug (predominantly using saliva drug testing) and alcohol testing.
  • Awareness and safety education for employees.
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